About Us

Macks Rubber is an Australian, family owned company. The company was formed in the early 1984 to service the local and interstate steel industry and the requirements of the local engineering contractors trading from a premises at Port Kembla. Initially just using rubber from other suppliers we soon realized that to improve our quality and be much more competitive in the market we needed to start manufacturing our own compounds in house.

In 1987 we purchased our 1st rubber mill and load of raw materials and started to make the basic rubbers. Over the next 2-3 years this grew to the point where we needed larger promises and move was planned into a factory 3 times the size we started in.

Over this period the company’s work force tripled in size due to the demand of our ever increasing customer list. This list know included industries such as food processing , textile , steel , mining , paper , cardboard , graphic arts and other specialized fields.

In 1995 we began producing small run moulded products for BHP that they found hard to source due to there small run requirements. Over the next 3 years we found that were out growing our current location again this due to the increase in demand for our rubber roll refurbishing service and our specialized rubber compounds and moulded products. In 1988 with a staff of 16 we moved into our current location at 4 Resolution Drive Unanderra NSW. Since moving into this location our moulding and rubber mixing sections have both grown around 3 fold to being a full time job for 1 – 2 employees in the moulding section as well as a dedicated mill operator mixing specialized rubber for sale to other rubber companies. These rubber formulations are now sold to various other rubber companies in NSW, VIC, QLD & SA.

In November 2009 we installed some new testing equipment that will allow us to better monitor the compound characteristics for greater consistency of batches and with suppliers stopping the importing of raw materials we can test the replacement products for conformity to our requirements.

As customer satisfaction is a very important to the management and staff at Macks Rubber, we are committed to supplying you with the best possible products and service to meet your specific needs .

Thank you for visiting the Macks Rubber Web Site. If you require any further information, contact one our team and they will help you with your rubber requirements.